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Warehouse Order Integration

LDI has moved from a reactive to proactive approach to integration. Our customers provide us electronic feeds of inbound and outbound orders which allow us to offer more attractive pricing by eliminating manual keying and associated errors. Our customers, in turn, are able to quickly receive the required confirmations and updates electronically.

Properly implemented integration solutions open the door to addressing customer needs, without adding unnecessary complexity to the core operation of the third-party distribution companies. Current market tendency towards omni-channel fulfillment can become a reality, even to companies with simple operations.


LDI Warehouse Integration solution makes integration easy. Providing integration services to businesses of various sizes – LDI combined with Techdinamics has the experience and know-how for making small and large integration projects a success. Our simplified integration plans were designed around your small and medium sized customers, and provide automation of warehouse transactions; such as orders, confirmations and inventory updates.


Our cloud-based integration solutions provide a one stop solution for managing your business relationships with customer and partners. Warehouse integration services will make your business more competitive and allow you to reach to new business.


Avoid redundant processes and alleviate time-exhaustive tasks from personnel. Our fully integrated system ensures all transactions and order processes are virtually instantaneous. Rapid-order processing and reduced system down- times help to get customer product out the door faster.


Today, customers demand greater visibility into warehouse processes. Our fulfillment portal surpasses these demands by providing the asked information in an easy to understand, simple to follow format. Critical information that includes inventory levels, alerts and notifications, and reports, are readily available on the portal. This allows your business to provide greater customer service, and lets you focus on what you do best.


Integrated solutions starting at $100 a month, we also offer customized solutions to fit unique supply chain requirements - from simple file integration to full outsourced EDI solutions.

Additional Services

  • Omni-channel fulfillment

  • Multi-warehouse connections

  • Simple (Quickbooks) to complex (SAP) integrations

  • EDI outsourced services

  • Barcode label solutions

  • Integrated e-Commerce store solutions

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