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Make LDI a Part of Your Freight Management Plan

At Logistic Distribution Inc, we are committed to accommodating our customers with the highest levels of transportation services in the industry. Whether by road, rail, air, or sea, our nearly 25 years of industry freight management experience can help meet all your transportation requirements. By working with virtually all of Canada’s major distribution networks, we can ensure your local, national, and global transports are delivered accurately and on-time.

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Freight Management Services

LDI’s freight management services are available for all points within Canada, the United States, and across the world. Our services include:

  • Nationwide Truckload (TL) & LTL

  • Freight Forwarding

  • Rail

  • Expedite Air Freight Services

  • Courier Consolidation Programs

  • Domestic Air Freight Forwarding

  • Expedited Delivery

  • Pool Distribution

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