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Data-Backed Logistics & Supply Chain Forecasting

Technology is an essential part of any successfully managed supply chain. Logistic Distribution Inc utilizes the most advanced logistical applications, including EDI, WMS, and online tools to simplify your inventory work in Ontario. These help us go beyond the standards for today and well into the future. From JIT fulfillment and delivery to assisting with retail vendor compliance, all inventories are tracked and checked by a computerized system. This ensures your information is always accurate, reliable, and available whenever needed.


Logistic Distribution Inc also uses advanced technologies in our customer relationship management (CRM) and forecasting to ensure your supply chain always runs smoothly. From merchant to buyer, LDI is your full-service 3PL company — call us today to learn how Logistic Distributions can help your supply chain and JIT fulfillment needs.

Your Partners in Electronic Data Interchange

The Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities of Logistic Distribution enable us to accurately and instantaneously transmit logistical data and shipping documentation between yourself, your suppliers, and your customers. This ensures there are no roadblocks in outsourcing logistic management, as every aspect of your supply chain network can be interfaced.


Our staff and programmers can help you utilize a direct EDI transaction set, or another variety of data flow. When working between your trading partners and distribution centres, we are here to help you complete business transactions as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Non-EDI Oriented Customers

Customers that are not oriented to the Electronic Data Interchange can also be accommodated through an easy-to-use web-based interface.


Please contact us for additional information.


Methods Supported:

  • EDI

  • AS2

  • X12

  • ANSI

  • Flat File

  • XML

  • Excel

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